Thursday, October 6, 2011


My son has used his God-and-mother-given writing talents to compose a screen play. This is almost on the same level as the Michael Scarn screenplay find back in '09. 

I have reproduced his screenplay here. 

It's called: 


If only by 'people' he meant, his dad, and if by 'dieing' he meant, drove his truck off a cliff and it exploded into a ball of flames and the insurance guy knocked on my door at 8 am to tell me my kids are getting a 50 million dollar life insurance policy... that would be the Jaws balls. 

Unfortunately, by 'people' he meant teenagers, and by 'dieing' he meant being shot by a nerf gun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Cast of characters:

Friend one: teenager

Friend two: teenager

Son: Killer 

Here goes.

Scene 1 Act 1


Fade in 

Teenager one: hey dude

Teenager two: we really should not be here

Killer: hey get out of here

Teenager one: no

Killer: your dead (use nerf gun) 


I smell sequel.  


Colleen said...

Hmmm. I'm thinking some of the kids from the cast of glee might want in on this.

How effing sad is it that those are the only famous teenagers I can think of?

Besides iCarly...

trina said...
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trina said...

I can think of many teenagers who would deserve a role here....starting with my step-son. And you can even borrow Logan's Nerf gun. Let me know....I have 3 classrooms of seniors who would love to have a part.

Sarah RDH said...

fucking GENIOUS.